It's sad that United managed to post four goals yesterday but still look unconvincing for the best part of an hour after Rooney got his first inside eight minutes. Just like we said against Burnley, and Wolves and etc, if our opponents had taken one of their chances when they were still in it, we might have had a different result, a different Sunday!
I won't go on about slating the players even when we win because I'm one of those that believes in the adage that the end justifies the means. I mean I would never complain if we win the league whilst playing the way we are---but the question is can we do like this?

Yesterday was all about the players. I mean given that the manager had left out Giggs, Valencia, Berbatov, Anderson, and Brown from the starting line up, one can only imagine that he wanted to give the likes of Owen, Nani, Park and Rio Ferdinand a chance to help themselves on different causes.
Nani did enough to show that he is worth still being around OT. The lad really did put in a few crosses that would have left a box striker spoilt for choice! Whether he can do what he did yesterday consistently is the question and its answer could be what keeps him in or takes him out of Manchester United.
Rio Ferdinand needed match fitness so hopefully the game yesterday gave him that. However, he ought to expect a lot more work on Wednesday from City. Hopefully, he'll be up for it.
Michael Owen did little as far as taking his chances against lowly opposition to boost his goal tally for us.
Rooney did help himself to some breathing space as far as the Premier League golden boot is concerned.

There was nothing more that we could ask from United these past couple of weeks other than the two home wins. We are now top of the league (albeit for only a while) and the next few weeks give us a direct opportunity to put ourselves clear of our rivals in direct confrontation.

In the meantime, there is a small matter of a Carling Cup semi at OT against City!