Forget that United are in decline, or in crisis or in debt or whatever you've been reading in the press this week---what matters to me and probably to the rest of the United following tomorrow is that we register three points on the board after the game tomorrow. For almost six months now, we've been waiting for the club to hit a run of form that would catapult us to the summit of the league. After assessing the situation, we've come down to picking games which we should hopefully win in a bid to stay in touch with Chelsea and Arsenal.
We've had a tough few weeks as far as fixtures are concerned. Winning at Fulham and Birmingham were never going to be easy but at least we now have two home games that we should be able to win even while playing the way were in the past few weeks.
Burnley and Hull at home should be six points for us, any less and even I will raise the white flag as far as the league is concerned.

Patrice Evra has some good thoughts that I suggest you read on the official website. It's good to know that unlike most fans, the players are still optimistic about our chances this season. The thing is that we can still make history with a fourth title in a row but whether the lads are willing to step up is the question.
The players and popular opinion seems to be that the mid-week get-away in Qatar will do the payers good so hopefully we see a better United from now on.

Rio Ferdinand is fit but will not start the game. EVDS might start, it all depends on the manager. Hargo is not far off and so we should be something close to full strength in the coming weeks.
Burnley have a new manager but not even that will be an excuse if we don't win tomorrow!