The only reason why United appear to click into gear after the Christmas break is down to what they do during the Christmas break. We seem to have put Chelsea under enough pressure so far and our reward is seeing their five point lead over us diminish to two points.
With the other members of the 'big four' in direct battle this week (Arsenal and Liverpool) we can extend the margin between ourselves and one or both of them in effect realistically reduce the threat to our title to just one team.
We seem to do well when we know who we are up against and I'm pleased that we've not had much trouble from Liverpool and Arsenal as far as retaining our trophy is concerned.
Chelsea will in all probability have extended their lead over us to five point again by the time we kick off against Aston Villa so by kick-off, United will be hopping not to undo all their hard-work over the past month! The game against Villa comes down to keeping the pressure on Chelsea. It's harder to maintain a two point lead than a five point lead because one has security and the other doesn't so hopefully we can keep winning our way to the top!

Only Nemanja Vidic returns to the side as far as defence is concerned so that is a positive given that half our defenders will be 'real defenders'. No is a plus especially when you look at the side that lined up in Germany the other day. I expect TK to keep his place in goal as he is continuously looking as the best next thing we have in goal.
Giggs is back, Rooney is back, Obertan should in my mid, be given a spot in our side on Saturday as he seems to be the real deal in attack---well at least better than Nani!
We've got Wolves on Tuesday so in all probability we have a chance of notching six points in the league in the space of four days! Hopefully we can wrap them up and see what Santa has for us over the following weekend!