I guess if you sign an injury prone, 'finished' striker on a free contact who can get you a hatrick in an away game in the Champions League against the German champions despite playing virtually as a lone striker and taking three of his four chances in the game, then he wasn't such a waste of time at all was he?
In all fairness, I thought the team as a unit helped Owen's cause as we really had some last ditch defending before we could release the ball forward to the likes of Owen. For the record, we defended poorly but I doubt anybody expected better given our well documented crisis at the back, but thankfully, Owen was in no mood to waste any chance that fell his way last night so we can all start praising Sir Alex for his shrewdness in the market!

I once against thought that TK did well in goal for us and maybe we might not need to sign another keeper. He seemed to be flawless even without a proper defence in front of him. I wonder how Foster would have performed with yesternight's defence... anyhow, this lad seems to have what it takes to cut it at United and I'd be really gutted if he was not given at least the understudy role to the no.1 for now.

Let me just end this by hopping we have a better defence than what we saw yesterday for Villa on Saturday. They will punish all those loopholes that the Germans failed to punish last night--the premier league is, by all means a more gruelling competition than even the Champions league.