Regardless of how we finish it, 2009 has not been such a bad year for United. We won the league, Carling Cup and reached a second consecutive Champions League final. If we do the same next year, nobody at United will be complaining.

Chelsea extended their lead over us to five on Monday so it's up to us to restore that lead with a win against a Wigan side that we seem to be able to beat regardless of our form. Failure to win tonight will make us worthy of being defined an inconsistent team--and that is not what league champions are tagged by. We break for the FA Cup this week so we need to keep our mouths sweet till the next installment of the league.
We seem to be getting better on the injury front so no need to elaborate on that front. Arsenal play at just abou the same time with us so failure to win could see us end the year in third place!
Tonight, it's all about putting our chances away because regardless of how Wigan play, they will be there. Having said that, we've sat through United games this season at the edge of our seats for 90 minutes so a similar scenario will not surprise me--wish I still had nails to bite though!

Oh....and er.....HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone in case I don't get back to you before 2010! Cheers!