Three points. Two points behind Chelsea now---Good. But for all intents and purposes, Manchester United are yet to peak this season. For those who believe that United get better in the second half of the season, it's good news but I feel that this is just about as good as United can get. There is a spark missing in our armour and every fan knows it. We've not been too pretty in our last three campaigns either but at least there have been games in which we have wrapped up the points in the first half and dozzed through the second. This season, we seem to dig deep in every game. People talk of beating Wolves without leaving first gear but where have we seen that first gear this season?---0-5 at Wigan? Two Wigan sides played that game and I think that the sides that have been able to keep their shape this season against us have all beaten us.
Don't get me wrong here, I'm not writing off United--I'm rather saying that if I were a fan of a rival club, I would be kicking myself if United won the title in May--because this is just about as low as United can ever stoop to put themselves at the level of the rest of the Premier league--and to think that we are just two points from the top whilst this poor is probably a sign of how dominant we could have been this season if we were playing it right.

I'll halt the rant there. United beat Hull 3-1 yesterday. Rooney put us ahead and then gave the ball away cheaply and we were punished eventually from the spot by Fagan. Thankfully though, Rooney took it upon himself to spur us on to victory by creating two more. On the plus side, we bounced back from defeat with a win, Berbatov got on the score sheet, and we finally had a back four of defenders for the first time this month!
The one thing that irked me yesterday was the fact that we seemed to give the ball away easily so many times. We were a bit careless with our play and it gave Hull encouragement to have a go at us. But for their poor finishing, they could have had more than one goal.
I write this with the knowledge of Chelsea's victory over Fulham today, so we have to maintain the pressure with a win against Wigan on Wednesday!