Fulham's ability is well documented. They did, after all, inflict on us a defeat at this stage last season. I have already mentioned on this blog that Fulham is the best coached side in the league outside the 'big four'. They have this ability to 'neatly' dispatch teams. At Fulham, you're probably psychologically beaten before the game starts given their tiny dressing room and their small pitch. Their players are therefore less likely to tire as much as they would on a pitch as big as OT. That should probably send a message to United players that last minute rallies for goals might not quite work out.

United are still battling to have a full back four of defenders. Vidic will probably have a late fitness test but if he fails, Carrick and Fletcher should come in. It's not the kind of defence that you would want for a fixture as tough as this one but what to do. What I really hope for is that we have a better first half than the one we had last time there. I also hope that we finish the game with eleven men--last time we finished with just 9!
As far as the title race is concerned, this is our chance to once again put pressure on Chelsea by drawing level at the top as they are not in action till Sunday evening.
I really hope that Fergie goes with two-strikers for this one as that 4-4-1-1 or 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 is really getting to my nerves. Obertan should start and Park can be the impact sub. What is for sure though is that we cannot afford to be as relaxed as we were on Tuesday.