Before I start this, reader, be aware that I might let emotions get the better of me as its only a few minutes from the final whistle.
For starters, unless Sir Alex pulls off his greatest come-back since he was given the job, I now don't think that United will win the title. I've been a United fan long enough to know that even at this stage and in this state, we can still win it but I'm going to lower my expectations for now to avoid suicide or something. It was always going to be a tough ask to win the tile four times in a row even with Ronaldo and Tevez still in the side!

About today, well, the manager got his selection wrong again. A back three? That is hard enough with professional defenders in the side but how did he expect us to fare with midfielders in defence. You really have to feel for him because he says he has never seen as big an injury crisis as the one we have now at United and that is testament to the problems we have in defence today.
Still I think he should have set out his team 4-4-2. I mean we all saw how well we played when we he finally did make it a 4-4-2. I can't really blame the back three because they were all out of position in one way or the other. Fulham is a difficult place to go to but when your own player (Scholes) hands the opponents the initiative, then there is only so much that you can do. I thought we never recovered from that blunder by Scholes. The ginger prince was really not tat the races today. The other frustrating bit for me was that I don't know what it will take for Fergie to start Obertan more often. Considering what he did for Cristiano, it's surprising really!

Five defeats and still counting....Chelsea will in all probability make it a six point deficit tomorrow, so before we look up, I guess we first look down and keep our status as Chelsea's challengers---Aston Villa, Spurs and Arsenal might just start witching positions with us more often soon! What a bitter Christmas this is going to be! The best thing that can happen to us is the players using this defeat to mount a serious challenge for the title. But again, we've said that for all the losses we've suffered so far and yet we still seem uninspired to put on another lengthy run of wins. The only consolation for us is that Liverpool also lost again today to the bottom team in the league!