You wonder how many teeth we have left eh?
Seriously, sometimes you feel like having a go at United but since the British press do enough of undressing them after a defeat, there's not much I can do other than defend their cause.
Aston Villa did a good job of hanging on to their lead yesterday and credit to them they went away with all three points. United on the other hand failed to make any of their chances count and on a day you thought Chesea's lead was no more in the league after their draw earlier, we instead lost further ground!
Who to blame--Well it's easy pointing a finger at the manager, especially considering the formation--but nobody complained when that formation was winning us goals in our last few games.
The players--You can't really say they did not have a go especially in the second half--and to be fair Villa only had joy from our one weakness on the night--Darren Fletcher in the right-back spot!
At the end of the day, you only have to look forward. Maybe the players will come to realise that in this league you never drop your guard. Maybe Sir Alex will finally introduce Gabriel Obertan as first team player.
What's for sure is that we need to revisit our priorities this term. If we want to win the league, then I can safely say that basing on our past three triumphs, we need to win all the remaining home games to match the total of five points dropped at home in each of the last three seasons.
Sir Alex only demands that we are within touching distance from the leaders come January so hopefully we shall be.
I really think that Chelsea are in a blip and so we can't afford to be in one as well because once they start winning again, then we'll have our hands full going into the run-in!

In short--- It was gutting to lose yesterday!