As the title of this post suggests, I'm not going to dwell much on the negatives--the fact that we were beaten yesterday but rather the positives. All who wish to have a read at the positives in their most exaggerated form can take a look at any of the British papers today.

I was really impressed by the performance yesterday and any Chelsea fan will tell you that United have so far given them the sternest test. That the Chelsea fans were nervy towards the end, hopping for the full time whistle at Stamford Bridge is testament to how good we were. I mean those very fans thought that yesterday was the opportunity for their side to put two or three in United's net! In spite of our injuries, it didn't happen, and but for the injustice of hurling Wes down, I think we could have left the Bride with at least a point.
The partnership between Evans and Brown, was for me superb. I don't know if it was in response to the critics or the fact that they raised their game because of the occasion but they did look like our first choice defenders. If they can keep it up, we are safe with such cover. I mean who would have known that Vidic and Rio were out?
I thought that Anderson did well in the middle. He seems to be developing into the holding midfielder we lack at the club. If only he could run a little faster and finish better. I thought Rooney did well on his own upfront. Him and Giggs can only be faulted for a couple of poor decisions that could have otherwise led to goals. EVDS should never retire!
In short, what I'm saying is that we shall win the league if we play as good as we played yesterday for the rest of the season. The five point gap that Chelsea has over us is not too big to overhaul. All we have to do is do our job. I like the fact that the players are talking about a long unbeaten run. It will do us good, and given that one or two stars are likely to return after the 10 day break, we should be okay by Christmas--or so I hope!