So the fortnight without football continues but the English press--being the English press will not run out of ideas to right. We therefore have one or two decisions to discuss about what has been going on in the press recently.

In no particular order, I'm starting with what I found the most, well, interesting.
According to new EPL rules managers will be forced to talk to rights holders post match. Established United fans will know that Sir Alex has been ignoring the BBC for six years following the comments made about he and his son in 2004 for the transfer of players. Can anybody wait to see Fergie in front of the BBC cameras? Will it materialise? Roll on next season!

Darren Fletcher is maing all the right noises in the press about his desire to play for United. This is where I think the older players influence the younger ones. I mean at United we have the likes of Vida, Fletch, Rooney, Berba, O'Shea and Rio who have all taken the example of Giggs and Scholes and Neville by committing their long term future to United. You can see what Fergie is doing by granting the likes of Scholes and Giggs extensions to their deals. Scholes is 35 on Monday but he will be given a new deal----I just hope he's kept away from the big games, like Neville is.

Then there is the Nani question---One wonders which manager has the key to unlock his talents. He had an outburst about the way Fergie has been treating him and although he stated he will not be looking for a move, the manager might be. Very rarely does one face off with Sir Alex and win. You only have to look at Fergie's recent signings to determine the confidence he has in Nani's position.
Speaking of Sir Alex, he got banned by the FA for the Sunderland comments directed to Alan Wiley. He'll be on phone for Everton and Pompey. A further two game ban is suspended until nexts season (as of they are sure he'll still be in charge). There is also a 20k fine which I think he can take care of from his pocket.
We have 10 of our next 11 games against teams from the bottom half. I think if we really want our tile back, it should be at least 30points out of 33!