Yeah well, you should probably read the preview before this one (that's in case you missed it). I mean it was always going to be the curse of the form-book wasn't it? Any top club that was in Liverpool's form only needed such a big game to motivate them and deliver them from their blushes. It's that simple. We've had that curse working in our favour on a few occasions so it shouldn't be too hard to understand. Remember us ending Arsenal's unbeaten run back in 2005? Remember beating Jose's Chelsea 1-0 at OT--that Darren Fletcher goal? I mean it was already documented for me. I never expected, but hopped.

Good thing though that this is the league we're talking about and so it never matters if you lose to Liverpool every season home and away if it means that at the end you will win the title. Yes, the press will have a field day this week writing all crap about how we are missing Ronaldo---as if we don't miss Cantona, Best, Charlton, Law, etc---I mean is there any point in having them in our team now. Whenever they will learn that Ronaldo was not dismissed from OT?!
I still feel that if we can get the three points from the lesser sides in the league, we can still win the league. I mean we only beat a big-four opponent once last season--and considering that we've already beaten one this season, defeat to one of them should not mean doom.
Realistically, it will be harder for us this season--but this is United we are talking about. That we are distraught after what happened on Sunday is why I'm still confident in this season. If defeat is still sickening then I can only assume that we won't have many this season. You expect the lads to go on another run of wins that will quickly make us forget the game. I like the fact that whenever we lose, Sir Alex asks for a response from his players. That is what a team going for the the title does.

As far as the performance is concerned, well, it was not the worst of the season because with a better referee and a little bit of luck, we could have won the game. Our through balls were intercepted at the last minute by Liverpool's defence and the ref kept giving the home side soft free-kicks in the opening half whilst the likes of Lucas were let off a number of times. However, I thought Ferdidand was easily dealt with by Torres for the opener. The England centre half could and should have done better.
Vidic got his third consecutive red-card against Liverpool. The only concern there should not be for how long he'll be out but rather if that will keep playing on his mind for as long as he is in a game against Liverpool.
Valencia was unlucky as his hot came off the bar. EVDS survived a horrific tackle from that hyena Mascherano. It was really dramatic---nuff said!

We take on Barnsley tomorrow in the Carling Cup--and all eyes will be on Gabriel Obertan's debut for United. Could he be the answer to our problems on the wings? It's a chance for us to quickly put the defeat to the Dippers behind us and I really hope that we do.