Okay, this is nothing next to an official letter, but I feel there are a few things that I feel Sir Alex has to address before we get into another chapter of the new season. Without wasting any more space on this blog, here goes...

Ben Foster needs some time to get back his confidence and the 'big stage' is not the best place for him to recover it. The lad needs some time off--another loan spell could do for him. Tomaz K is a more confident goalkeeper and even though he is not the best, he could do a job for us as EVDS's deputy. This season we've already let in a third of the goals we conceded the whole of last season so we need to tighten up a bit at the back if we are to maintain our status as title challengers.

Antonio Valencia and Nani are not yet at the level where they can command places in our team, I therefore feel that even Zoran Tosic should have a go on the wing as he might just turn out to be our answer. Forget his age, because we forgot Giggs and Ronaldo's ages when they joined the first team. Secondly, we seem to lack that little bit of creativity when Giggs is not in the team. What does that say about our creative players? In the same breath, I have to add that Berbatov has really carried the creative spark for us even when Giggs is not around. He deserves a pat on the back. It must be obvious now that until the rest of our creative midfielders click, we cannot afford to have both Giggs and Berba out of the team at the same time.

We...well...I do appreciate the fact that you have rotated our squad. However, I feel that the defenders, when fit should stay the same. You see defending is a little bit more complex than any other thing in football. You probably know that, so I wonder why Ferdinand and Vidic cannot continue their fruitful partnership when both are fit. I thought that at Sunderland both should have played. Throughout the game, we seemed as though we couldn't defend.

As far as the attack is concerned, I think Berba and Rooney will work for us.
Hope this letter reaches you!