Many will question my wisdom in selecting such a tile for this post for a game that should be a straight forward win for us.
Well, it's not that I doubt United's ability to beat the likes of Sunderland, but rather the ramifications of failure to do so.

United, for the first time this season I think, get to play before their major rivals for the title, and more importantly, have the chance to go clear at the summit of the league or at least gain another advantage over their major rivals given that Chelsea and Liverpool play against each other on Sunday!
Quite frankly, this is an opportunity that we cannot afford to let slip, if we really want to defend our trophy for the third time in a row and win it for the forth time in a row.

The boss has already confirmed that Owen will be available as early as next week, Rafael is recovering well and EVDS is not far away. It means we will only need Hargo to return to be at full strength for the first time in over a year. Fergie claims it's becoming more difficult for him to select the team but I'm thinking, isn't that a better problem to have?

What could make this game very difficult for us is our inability to make full use of the chances that come our way. We were fortunate not to pay the price for this against Stoke and Wolfsburg but you feel that at this rate of wastefulness, somewhere down the line, we will pay; and given the way football can give you a rude awakening, what a blow it will be if we pay this weekend of all weekends.
The thing is we shall do a good job of deflating the confidence of both Chelsea and Liverpool if we actually win tomorrow. One might argue that we rather drop points next week than this weekend because whilst the difference won't reflect physically, it will psychologically.

When you come to think of it, you feel that we should actually win both of our next two games as they are, above all, home games against weaker beatable opponents. Six pints from these games will set us on our way to Anfield in better spirits than our last visit there.