If there is one thing that makes me sick in football, it's the way in which it can turn around and give you a kick in the teeth. Ahead of this tie, Liverpool's problems are well documented. Four straight defeats in all competitions have left Rafa in a sort of job comma. The club has also failed to shake off the board-room problems. Injuries to their only two players (Torres, and Gerrard) have made it impossible to hide their weaknesses on pitch. One or both could return for this game and boy how they are desperate for a win.
I fifth league defeat by the start of November would only serve to remind me that Liverpool are back to being themselves---remember Geraard Houllier days when by the end of October, they had fallen so far behind that it was a case of who between Arsenal and United would win the league.

The one funny stat is that even during those troublesome Houllier days, the Dippers used to surprise United with one or two unexpected defeats. It was a trend that was ended by Diego Forlan (remember that X-mas gift from Dudeck).
You see the thing is, Liverpool has performed so poorly in the last four games that they can't do any worse tomorrow. That means we will probably have to be at our very best to keep out what I would in this case call a wounded animal. It's up to us to make sure thy remain with no teeth. The goals we conceded last season there were basically as a result of giving in to their hurried style. Giggs should never have done hat he did and you thought that EVDS and brown could have dealt with their equaliser much better.
The pressure is on them again to come at u and look for the win, and whilst it's also on us to get the win that returns us to the top of the league, a point would still be an improvement on last season's result (I mean we got nothing out of 6 against them!).
For the love of all that is good and holy in this world, I hope Fergie was just kidding when he hinted that Rooney still has to prove his fitness for the game. I mean we need him for this one. Giggs should start, and so should the likes of Fletcher, Carrick and Berbatov. I really hope that Fergie keeps the defence first choice. Now Vidic has been sent off in each of the last times we've met the Dippers so fingers crossed he does last 90 minutes for this one.
Obviously there will be a motive to avenge last season's defeats. This game is as to England what Madrid and Barca is to Spain--so I mean it when I say the stakes are high! That's why we the fans shall be doing our very best to sneak in with beach-balls and give the Kop end a good run for their....don't even know what to add there!