Not least because of the International break, I took a leave from this blog. Okay, that was a lie--the real truth is that I was away for a while so I was unable to keep this blog going through this past week. The good news is that there was hardly anything serious going on as far as club football is concerned.

Generally speaking, there was some big news regarding Chelsea as FIFA banned them from the transfer market for two seasons over illegal signing of players. There is that saying that ends with the words '... as long as you are not caught' that I think Arsenal and Chelsea have got to grasp. The two London clubs have been on the receiving end of disciplinary action from UEFA and FIFA over 'crimes' that I can confidently say are committed by any other club.
I'll leave that at that.

United named their Champions League squad this week. Hargo was included--which we must appreciate is good news, but Zoran Tosic was left out---hmmmm?
The rest is bit part news but perhaps, we should be proud that United have been named the world's most valuable football club at 1.14b pounds by Forbes Magazine.