When you are a Manchester United fan, you want to win every game. That is why defeat leaves such a bad taste in the mouth that you have to freshen up. (Like I've done.)
Having said that, I'm not really bothered by the fact that Chelsea have beaten us on penalties to claim our shield.
I mean. we've won it twice in a row recently and yet each triumph has been played down by media, fans and the press, by the end of the season, everybody actually seems to forget that you won the Community Shield.

I think that Manchester United fans should not take this defeat with a heavy heart because we actually played well. I mean there was not a moment in the match when I thought we needed Ronaldo--and yet this is arguably the toughest opposition we'll come up against next season. The players really did well, save for the one in-between the sticks.

The other positive from the match is that our players did overcome adversity. Okay, Ballack elbowed Evra and the ref failed to stop the game even though we were 9 men down at that point (Berba was receiving treatment off pitch) and Lampard went on to score. It was injustice on our part but I thought that United were going to give in and save their energy but we fought back and Rooney got us level with seconds left. That for me, made my evening.

Now to the areas of concern--Ben Foster did not get my vote to start in goal today so now you know why. I mean the lad seems to have lost all his confidence. I'll give him more time however before I throw in the towel on him.
Then reports coming in suggest that Nani could miss the start of our season due to the shoulder injury he got. It's gutting to think that injuries and not anything else are threatening to ruin the start of our season.
And before I log off, let me just add this for the good of Manchester United in future--EVRA IS NOT A PENALTY TAKER!