Okay, like most reds by now, I have somewhat recovered from the defeat on Wednesday--not least because it is still early days in the season and because we seem to start poorly each season.
Perhaps the one frustrating element is that our rivals are psychologically strengthened and it gives us a gap to work on early on in the season.

Having said all that, in Sir Alex, we have a manager who knows better than anyone else how to win the Premier League. It helps that he is still at the helm at United so all we need is our players to keep believing and we'll be there.

Now all logic would point to a United backlash tomorrow at the JJB but unfortunately, that is not how football works. If our players do not get on that pitch tomorrow and quickly get about killing the game, then we could be in for another shock. I mean we all recall the Liverpool game last year that we lost and the whole world expected Fulham to suffer the consequences. United therefore cannot go into tomorrow's match thinking that it is their right to to win. Every single point in this league must be earned.

One of the reasons as to why we failed to find the net on Wednesday was because our players did not shoot enough at goal. Wayne Rooney seems the only player who knows that the ticket to a goal is to shoot. The thing is 75% of the teams in the league will play with 8 men behind the ball so this idea of scoring goals only in the six yard box (that was got from pre-season) will simply not work. Shots can always be blocked but at least there is also the possibility of getting a goal via a deflection. This is where Ronaldo stood out in our team. He was the only one determined to shoot regardless of distance from goal and that is how you get pat such teams. I can't believe I'm sounding like an Arsenal fan (but even Arsenal have learnt to shoot).

Anyhow, we've lost Rio for another month--which is frustrating given that his injury problems have gone on and on for 2 seasons now. Vida will be back thankfully and so will captain Gary Neville. However, I do wonder if Gary can still do a top job in defence. I thought that Brown would take over. Hopefully he can prove me wrong.
The rest of the team is fit and will line up according to the manager's plans. Hopefully Berba and Rooney can start all our important games this season. I feel Owen can only do a job from the bench. I also feel that the more games Rooney and Berba start, the more likely they are to forge a partnership.
Over to you.