This is not allowed in football!
This week, we have had one or two new rules added to the beautiful game. Unfortunately, only one club had to learn the hard-way. The rest can simply comply to the rules in future but these 'new' rules have left a bitter taste in mouths of Arsenal fans.
The first new rule was as a result of Eduarso's dive in midweek against Celtic. By punishing him, Arsene Wenger is hopping to see it applied to every other diving incident. So hopefully Cristiano has got the point. No more diving!

Then last night, Arsene Wenger pleaded his innocence when the ref Mike Dean sent him to the stands for kicking a water bottle. The Frenchman, like many of us, did not know that kicking a water-bottle is against the rules. Another new rule! Fergie take notes; never kick a water bottle!