So whilst one player revels at the fact that he will be playing at the biggest club in the world, another leaves in hope of the same. Such is the irony in football.
In the past 36 hours or so, United have announced the signing of Antonio Valencia on a 4 year deal for an undisclosed fee. He's the first of 2 or three signings that the club hopes to make during the summer and I think he's a good buy. Forget all the comments from those thinking he'll replace Ronaldo because he won't but I think he'll suit the 4-4-2 formation that Fergie is most likely to use next season. You see to replace Ronaldo, the lad would have to be given all the freedom that Ronaldo was given. I mean Ron started games on the right, then switched left and usually ended in the middle. Valencia is essentially a right winger (though I've seen him play in the middle as well) so his job is cut out. He's one of those players you can accuse of being out of position but you cannot accuse Ronaldo for that unless you find him defending--and yet we also wanted him to help out defensively.
Anyhow, I think this buy is more of a liberation top Wayne Rooney. I mean he's the one who has been pleading for his central role once more and so this signing means that he will no longer be needed on the wings. We've now got Nani, Park and Valencia who can do the jobs on the wings. Even Fletcher and Hargreaves know a thing or two about wing-play. The transfer window has officially opened for Manchester United!