Let me save the best for last.
So we shall sstart with Anelka saying that Ronaldo and Tevez' departure will make Chelsea more than contenders for the title---blaah! Boring if you ask me!
How about Mark Hughes coming out to say that the poster in Manchester welcoming Tevex top wastelands is something between the fans. What he doesn't know is that the world is aware that the Bitters actually did sanction for it--OFFICIALLY, ordering a famous and well established company to paint it--which means it must have cost them a few quid as well---I wonder when Adebayor's poster will come out. If I was one of those mercenary signings, I would demand for mine because I wouldn't feel as though I've arrived.

EVDS has come out and said he would consider staying at United a bit longer. As far as the goal-keeping situation is at United, I feel we don't as yet have the ONE who can replace the Dutchman in goal. Foster is good. Kuszack is good as well but neither have that extra bit that I think United require. Time will tell but they still need to learn a thing or two from the Dutchman. Foster for instance saves one too many times with his feet. That is not a safe option.
So EVDS might as well remain in goal till he's 45 for all I care! Was I a bit harsh on our goalies there?

Wayne Rooney is quoted as having set himself a target of 20 plus goals next season. He's got a good record of getting more than the previous season as you can find out on the Official website so here's to 20 plus goals.

Then the biggest story coming out today concerning United is the apparent desire that Mr. Jose Mourinho (whom United fans refer as the TNSSO--The Not So Special One) has to take over once Sir Alex calls it a day. Regular readers of this blog and the media in general should know that this a story that has come and gone. The Inter Milan boss has had this burning desire to replace Sir Alex since he left England and you wonder if the aim is to try and out-shine him as quickly as possible.
He is one of those few coaches who will guarantee you a trophy each season but the bottom line is many a United faithful don't want to see him join the club. For starters, he's never been at a club for more than three seasons. Porto and Chelsea learnt this the hardway and now Inter are facing the prospect of losing him even before they get the three seasons from him.
Secondly, he does not believe in the youth development policy that has worked wonders for United. He also has this rigid style of football that many times compromises the entertainment value.

Having said all that, don't be shocked if the Portuguese becomes United coach after Sir Alex. Stranger things have happened