Friday, 3 July 2009


Just so you get the picture here. don't be surprised when one day Wes Brown, in his last moments before retiring signs for Liverpool, and you heard it here first!

So Fergie's second signing is the shock transfer of the summer--well, I must say I was more shocked when Ronaldo joined Real, even though it was a public secret that he would eventually.
Anyhow, Ive already explained my feelings on this transfer in an earlier article so I won't dwell much on it, I'm just wondering how he passed the medical, I mean with such an injury record, you think that the vigorous United medical would keep him out, but it seems the manager badly wanted him anyway..and what Sir Alex feels is good for United, then it is good for United!
If this gamble pays off for United, then I'll worry more about the future of the club when Fergie calls it a day! I mean which other Manchester United manager would have the ** to sign a former Liverpool star, and a Newcastle United reject--no A CHAMPIONSHIP CLUB'S REJECT! Only Sir Alex can do that! ONLY HIM!

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  1. To be honest, I thought that these were just rumours, but gwe , Fergie is not kawa. Any way lets wait and see. OJ


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