As much as I know I'm conscious while blogging this, I'd rather hope that this one of those dreams where I get to sleep walk and actually do some 'real' stuff, like blogging!

Regular readers of this blog know that I'm not the kind who will comment about every rumour in the transfer market. In fact I usually get going when United players to be are having their medicals.
I was ready to sleep over the whole Michael Owen story(just like I did to the one of Torres earlier) when I turned on Sky Sports News and red the breaking news---MICHAEL OWEN AT MANCHESTER UTD'S TRAINING GROUND!

I mean WTF?!*#?

Scott explains in detail 29 year old's history and why he's one of those players United fans ought to hate. One goal he celebrated after scoring against us for Liverpool still irks me and here we are about to witness the lad hugging sworn enemy of to the Dippers Captain Gary Neville! Will he be happy to have vermin in our squad?

From another point of view, Sir Alex could be putting himself in a win-win situation. I mean Owen is free, it's a pay as you play contract and it's only 50k, which is by no means close to our top earners. It's only for a year too. I mean, aside the intense rivarly we fans create that extends to players, Fergie has nothing to lose. Fergie cannot let whatever history Owen has against United get in the way of his plans to buy players that can collectively help United hold on to at least their league title. If Sir Matt, the Godfather of Manchester United, once coached the Bitters, if Law once scored a painful goal for City against us and yet he's a United legend, then why not Owen at United? Besides, considering how the Liverpool fans are taking this, I think I'm feeling quite better. They seem to be hurt deeply! And these are the same fans that were excited at the prospect of Tevez playing for them next year!

I still hope I'm dreaming though!