So finally, we have some concrete news to talk about!

Carlos Tevez has apparently turned down Man United's offer of a five year deal and the club has confimed that he will not be playing for us next season. I'm neither suprised nor sad. You see, I have this belief that every player who puts on the United jersey wants to play for us. It's why I will always give our players a full backing. Therefore, I do not care if we have just 10 players in the entire squad for as long as they are committed to the Manchester United cause.
Tevez clams that he never felt the most wanted player at Old Trafford, well I'd like to think that by the time the club offers 26 million pounds and over 100,000 in wages, you are one of the most wanted players. It's a shame really, because it will appear that he has opted to move to the likes of City or Chelsea for the money. This is the player who the Stretford End disrespected Fergie over. Now they'll probably know where their manager was coming form. Tevez refused to attend our annual Player of The Year gala and his behaviour throughout the season must have irritated Sir Alex to the brim.

I think this is where we miss Roy Keane. He would never allow the players to behave in the way that a couple have made United look so 'small' a club. The good news though is the Fergie, for as long as he lives will always ensure that United is run the proper way and that no player will hold the club at a ransom. What I'm sure of is that Manchester United will always remain Manchester United. What I'm not sure of is if the players who leave us will always remain who they are.

Better news though is that Hargreaves will be joining us by October. The Daily Star reports that he will also be available for pre-season training in July. Hopefully, there is some substance to that because he will be like a new signing for us.