So Tevez leaves United and then he saves the press' 'blank' columns with suggestions that Berbatov's arrival marked his exit. Well he got it all wrong given that and I'm not even going to labour about it as he's no longer a Manchester United player. What puzzles me is that Tevez has left United and is not willing to join Liverpool. That means he's likely to join City, who I doubt will win a trophy for years to come. So it's down to the cash, but that's always the story eh?
Anyhow, United have unveiled a new home kit for next season that will mark the 100th anniversary of Old Trafford, The Theatre of Dreams.
A Manchester United kit has always looked splendid to me so no need to explain my feelings about it. Park reckons the 'V' across the chest stands for Victory so hopefully we'll be more successful in it.

The transfers are still pending for United but you wonder what the manager has up his sleeve as we are closing in on pre-season. It would have been good to finish the market business before pre-season. Anyhow, this blog is back to sleep until we have some really concrete news. And by concrete, I don't mean Pele singing about how United play the best football in England---I mean who doesn't know that!?