Cristiano Ronaldo is a hell of a wonderful football player and I have no doubt that he has carried United for the past three years but I doubt having him at OT any longer would be worth it.
Forget the hissy fits on pitch, Ronaldo was a major disease off it. In many circles at OT, you'll find that they loved Ronaldo the player but not Ronaldo the person. Such was his petulance, arrogance and indiscipline that United had to swallow a lot of pride, no, all their pride to keep him. At one point, it was Ronaldo and United vs the rest of the England following his antics at the Germany World Cup in 2006. For some reason, the player loved to be hated and continuously gave opposition fans and some United fans reason to hate him.

They say discipline and talent go hand in hand and Ronaldo was a bit too fortunate that he was at United, where Sir Alex has tamed the most 'wild' of animals. His behaviour off pitch in the bars, night-clubs, with call girls, etc were all watered-down by the United manager. Sir Alex's deepest fear must have been the fact that Ron was a negative influence to Portuguese counterparts Nani and Anderson. However, with Fergie at your side, you'll almost certainly develop your talent to the fullest and that is what Ronaldo experienced in 2008. He reached the apex of his potential and so it was a matter of maintaining it through his prime. This, however, is where it gets hardest. If your head becomes larger than life at this stage, then in all likelihood, you'll dramatically decline. Ronaldo, in all honesty, must have thought he's bigger than United at this stage as he dragged the club into his transfer merry-go-round with Real when the club should have been celebrating one of its most successful seasons.

His body language last season said a lot. There are many things fans and manager alike can tolerate form players, but not to show your disgruntledness so publicly especially when you know that half the cameras in the stadium are focusing on you. The flying track-suit he threw at against City was as disgusting to see as it is to see him in that picture up there, with God knows who? Paris Hilton? You can get the link for his night out in Paris from Scott of .

Sir Matt Busby must be turning in his grave. Ronaldo has been a success on the pitch for United, but that is no excuse to drag the name of the club, that was painfully built, into all sorts of dirty hang outs.
I remember when Sir Alex let the likes of Kanchelskis leave and then fans or the media set a poll to call for the sacking of Fergie.
Nobody knows United any more than the gaffer and he was knighted years before Ronaldo joined United so all those questioning Fergie are either young or uneducated. Morality has won here! He will not let the name of the club be used by the press every summer to sell papers. I've already wished Ronaldo all the best of luck at Real but I doubt he will be looked after like he was at United. Ronaldo might become too big even for the so called mighty Real Madrid. The most recent example of wasted talent was Ronaldinho at Barcelona who after two seasons of winning the World Player of The Year Award, he could not get a place in the team. His antics in the clubs led to a rather steep fall from glory.