For all those who truly over to read a thing or two from this site, my apologies for an impromptu absence but I couldn't help it. The last big news to come from the official United site was the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid so I found no reason to make this blog a tabloid of its own by commenting about all the shameful transfer rumours this past week. For instace, how can a paper dare link United to Fernando Torres? I mean what are the odds of that happening?
Anyhow, United fans should brace themselves for the departure of another big name star in Carlos Tevez. Apparently, it seems the little Argie is not going to stay for he should have settled all this business if he was. I'll definitely welcome him if he stays but Sir Alex will never let a player dictate proceedings at the club. I mean Tevez sulks because he does not start every game for us and I wonder how many players at United do have fixed places in the team. The way he has gone about this is as though he's the only player who has been seated on the bench all season. Disgusting for me!

After seeing off Ronaldo, Sir Alex will not beg Carlos to stay any more than he already has so I think he'll leave...and while the press will have a field day with that story, I must say I have been impressed with the way in which Sir Alex has handled the two cases involving our best players. Ronaldo was clearly one that thought he was bigger than the club and so nothing next to club commitment applied to him. We got the best out of him in his time at United and the only way we could have tolerated him for more years would be if he realised how lucky he was to play for United. Unfortunately, he did not and so he was off in a deal that even profit master Arsene Wenger will never get for giving away his stars.
Tevez, for me has insulted the United fans by even pondering moves to Citeh and Liverpool. No need to elaborate how that goes gown with United supporters.
In the end though, Sir Alex has maintained the virtues and principles upon which our club was built and I hope the rest of the team from now on will realise that nobody is irreplaceable at United--it might not be like for like, but the club will was there, is there and will always be there before, during and after the current crop of players.
I've always thought that United is a club that is bigger than life! The media make me yawn with all the nonsense about how Ronaldo and Tevez's departure will affect United, and then you wonder what some of those journalists would have written after the 1958 Munich disaster. If the Legend that is Man United could live on after such a disaster, then how can the departure of a mere soul affect the Legend? Martin Samuel and co. Think Again!