By now, United fans must be getting the hang of a possible next season without Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez. Personally I've never had any problem with players that leave United as I believe that we should only keep those that want to play for us. Many have left before and we have remained The Great Manchester United, therefore the departure of two of our best players should not put any fan in doubt about what to achieve next season. The targets will remain the same.

However, Sir Alex is one of the few managers who know how to replace quality with quality. If we are to lose the above mentioned pair, then I think the money that we could get from the Ronaldo transfer could finance three good buys in the market. We've been linked with Frank Ribery, Karim Benzema and Antonio Valencia and I think if we can get all three at whatever price, it wouldn't take us long to forget our two players above. I think Valencia has that energy and drive that Tevez adds to us and he can answer Wayne's dream of being relieved of left midfield duties. Ribery is not such a bad replacement for Ronaldo as he makes up for his low goal tally with a large chunk of assists. We all know what Benzema is capable of so no need to elaborate on him. He can provide us with the extra goals to cover for Roanldo and Tevez' contribution. If we can land at least two of these targets plus if we manage to get Hargreaves and Brown fit for a whole campaign, I believe we can hang on to our crowns as we search for more glory in Europe.

Having said all this, you wonder what Sir Alex is cooking for us. Last summer by this time, he was already up in arms against Ramon Calderon, stating firmly that Ronaldo is still a United player, but this time though, he has been a little quiet about the whole deal and you wonder what he and David Gill are preparing for us. It will be very interesting when the media finally locate his hideout and pose the Ronaldo and Tevez questions to him. We might be here debating amongst ourselves when the deals are as good as done, pending publicity!