In England, I hear they call the transfer window the silly season, so I usually try as much as possible to distance myself from it. It's why this particular blog cannot wait for at least pre-season so that the papers can be filled with more football than 'female' gossip.

So apparently, this past week, the new Premier League fixtures were released--much to my dismay. You see, I feel that they do it kind of too early. We are hardly a month into celebrating last season's title success and there you have it thrown into your face, another gruelling journey to May 2010. Couldn't we just keep our trophy for good?--just kidding!
Anyhow, we start at home to Birmingham and end at home to Stoke, not that bad eh? Well the problem lies in-between those ties. Yet again this term, we have a few away games after Champions League match-days but other than that, it's a rather kind draw for us.
I think our biggest challenge will be how we'll start. The last two campaigns have seen us take ages to get into gear so hopefully, we'll start well this time. We've got the likes of Arsenal, City and Spurs among our first six games so that means we've got to start in third gear. I have utmost faith in our after new-year form, so if we do well early, we'll be just about as good as Champions--is that too optimistic?

Other than that, I doubt we've made any progress in the transfer window since I last blogged here. Tevez and his owners are dragging their feet ( out of OT). Then the likes of Valencia, Ribery, and Benzema are still put. You only hope that David Gilll and Sir Alex can go about their business as soon as possible such that we work out a formula for the new campaign in pre-season.

In the meantime, YYYAAaawn!