If only he could shoot more often! The times that Michael Carrick has actually had a shot on goal have resulted into at least something positive. The thing is that there will be some games where the slick passing is not recognised due to opponents tactics and so the only aspect worth relying on is shooting.
The times Carrick has shot at goal are unfortunately countable. The one time he opted to shoot more often in a game was the home tie against Everton in which I thought he had his best game for us this season. He shot at goal in the league game against Sunderland at the death and the ball rebounded off the post and was met by Vidic to tap in. His initial shot created the chance. He shot in the league fixture against Hullo and the ball nestled in the bottom left corner. He also shot in the league game at home against Pompey and got us the crucial second goal. It was his shot that met the boot of Macheda away to Sunderland and the ball found it's way into the net to give us another crucial win! Then who can forget the shot he took against Wigan that virtually won us the title! Quite simply, his shots have reapped big for us so you wonder what we might get from him if he shoots as often as Ronaldo does or at least Rooney.
Anyhow, the Englishman is still one of the best passers of a football in the league which has been an asset to our play. I'll personally never forget the assist he gave Berbatov in the FA Cup tie against Spurs. It was inch-perfect!
Besides all that Carrick has this habit of dashing into the penalty box unexpectedly. I does help! He will either score or win us something. His dash in the box against Everton won us a penalty and then the controversial one against Spurs which kick-started the comeback.
I Carrick could assert himself more on opponents that are tough, I'd be happier It's no use being on pitch these days waiting to give a pass only when you receive the ball. A good player in my eyes is the one who is as good off the ball as he is on the ball. That he inherited a shirt worn by a tough United captain who loved to get dirty does not help issues but if he can improve his shooting, then the lad could bury the Roy Keane ghost that still lingers at the back of his shirt!