LUIS NANI--2008/2009!

Given the considerably wonderful seasons had by John' O'Shea and Darren Fletcher, Luis Nani has unanimously won the vote of worst player of the season. The Portuguese had a wonderful debut season at OT but, like Anderson has failed to impress us again this year. Whilst the Brazilian would blow hot and cold, Nani has blown cold for nearly the entire season.
The thing is, Nani was and probably is unfortunate that many people are comparing him to his country mate, Cristiano. Just as Ronaldo is a different player form Messi, I think Nani is a different player from Ronaldo. I've always taken Nani to be the creative player on the wings that will score once in a month but will come up with many assists. Unfortunately because of all these Ronaldo comparisons, the lad is intent on beating his man and scoring rather than creating. Incredibly, he has more goals this season than last and yet we still regard this season as the poor one, but if anyone has taken note, it was last season when he had more assists than this one so we can argue that his contribution last season was far more than this one. His delivery from dead ball situations was also top notch so maybe the lad will use the summer to be his own player!
As far as his best moments of the season are concerned, I think the game against Derby in the Carling Cup was a good one for him, and what a goal he scored too! He was one of those 'former first team players' who helped us to Carling Cup glory and to the FA Cup semis.
Sadly, there is a section of fans who want Nani out. I think, like Anderson, the lad should be given at least another season. Besides, we need players like him to step up in case of injuries or suspensions. I mean we don't have to have 23 players who can walk into any team on the planet. Nani is young and it could take him as long as it took Darren Fletcher to be very important to the United set up. Some players mature after 25 so I don;t think our young lads should be pressurised. Is this too kind to the player?