JOHN O'SHEA--2008/2009!

The Irishman has always been one of those players who make up the numbers at OT. To many fans, he was just an emergency player--not this past season though! Following injury to Wes Brown, Rafael and Neville, John made the right back position his own. Even though he has been found wanting as far as a quick turn and inventiveness, the lad has compensated with plenty of effort in defence as well as the occasional dash forward that has aided our attack. He has scored a couple of goals this season but none more celebrated than the one in the Champions League semi at home against Arsenal. As always, John has filled in wherever we are short and it would not be unwise to consider him as one of our more important players. People talk about Unite having a big squad, but it's because of players like John that we can handle an injury list of 8 players while others mourn when a couple are out!
That Fergie opted for John in the Champions League final when Brown and Neville were fit is testament to his progress in the United side. I think in future, we shall not raise eye brows when the Gaffer sends on John as a substitute in an important game.