Just to clarify something, this is strictly about Manchester United! So my season review will come on a bit later but since the press make it a habit to comment on every star player in the transfer window, I thought that I make my point early enough as to who I would like at United next season.
First of all I think that United is one of the most complete teams in Europe when all players are fit. Rafa blamed Liverpool's failure to win the league on the injuries to Fernando Torres, but if that was seen as a valid excuse then imagine what United would have achieved this season with Hargreaves fit just as he was for most of last season! People forget that United have achieved all that they have this season without a couple of vital first team members. The likes of Darren Fletcher and John O'Shea have grown in importance to us this season because we have been without Owen and Wes Brown! I therefore think that United does not need as much building up as people in the media are making out. A little bit of re-organisation here and there and one big-name addition will do for me! In the goal-keeping department, I think we are okay as Foster will give Edwin something to think about next season. If Tomas goes out on loan, it will be for his own good. If Fergie buys in this department, then it should surely be for the long term! The defenders we have a re pretty sufficient depending on who gets injured in the season. We've suffered this season because Brown, who could play in the middle and on the right was out so that meant little or no cover when one of Vidic or Ferdinand was absent. There is this back-problem that Rio has got that has ruled him out of several games for us this season so that's a worry. I'd rather that he sorts it out before next season.
I've not totally enjoyed the fact that Wayne Rooney is our new no.11. Clearly,, the lad can do much more through the middle, or with a free role as he plays anywhere. Ronaldo is a natural winger so he can be more productive on the wings than the Englishman. I hope that Fergie looks into that next year. Carlos Tevez must stay and so should Ronaldo as I think there is only one club in the world now that can make use of their talents to maximum effect! Berbatov needs to step it up a gear as I think Tevez should now be the starter next season. The Bulgarian has almost succeeded in duplicating a role meant for the likes of Giggs, Scholes or even Carrick instead of the goal-poaching duty he was signed for. We have three or four world class strikers but it's incredible that none of them is willing to take on the Ruud van Nistelrooy role. I t does make it hard for opponents to predict which is our advantage but again it has slowed us down when it comes to getting the ball at the other end of the pitch quickly. Nobody is willing to be bored upfront with the ball. Anyhow, I think that Anderson and Nani ought to give their all next season as failure would jeopardise their places at the club. Anderson has had a shaky record against tough opponents this year whilst Nani has tried to duplicate whatever Ronaldo does and yet he is meant for another role in the team--creativity! Don't know how a Benzema or Ribery will fair in our team but I doubt we'll need to shop much this year especially when you consider how many good players are coming through the youth system!