After taking off a week to suck in the pain, I'm back. The Champions League final was not a memorable occasion for anybody who is deeply attached to Manchester United. Barcelona played better than us and were deserved winners of the European crown. There are not many occasions when a United fan can argue that the opposition was better, but last week I was one of those who accepted defeat graciously. Congratulations to all those who are associated with Barca as they are indeed the club of the year!
BUT, there are one or two ABUs who seem to have taken United's defeat to another level! Such people claim that Barca showed how awful a football side United are and kind of used the defeat to try and bury the rest of United's achievements this past season! The thing is that United has had the best season in the country--a country that also harbours the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal! Infact, I don't think I'm wide off the mark when I say that we have have had the most successful season in Europe! According to my estimation, I see only Barca as the team that has had more success than us this year! That just makes 2009 as one of the more successful seasons we have had at the club. A treble of the League, Carling Cup and the World Club Cup is no mean feat! I find it hard to comprehend where those 'haters' are reasoning from because these are fans of Newcastle, Liverpool, Arsenal, City, etc--clubs that have gone a few good seasons without tasting the kind of success that is only minimum requirement at OT!
If United fans really want to know how much they have achieved this season, then they should stay alert about open bus celebrations of teams that have won a trophy this season and then compare with their cabinet this year.
As a United fan, it was gutting to lose the final on Wednesday but that did not mean a poor season at all in my understanding. We are clearly the best team in England, and reaching the final of the Champions League twice in two seasons does make us a team to be reckoned with!