It's been a busy week for me so I have kind of compromised the blog a bit. It's gutting for me, because these are historical times for Manchester United so one does not want to miss any part of it.

Anyhow, United claimed a record equalling 18th league title on Saturday and attention now quickly turns to the Champions League final next week.

Firstly, congratulations go to Nemanja Vidic for winning the Player of the Year award voted for by United players and fans. He is worthy of every award in my book and I must add did win as far as the poll on this blog is concerned. Vidic is the main reason as to why we are where we are. Forget the red-cards he got against Liverpool, this guy is the real deal and has, in my book, filled the hole left by Jaap Stam! Well done Vida and long may that form continue. The other player I thought did well was Fletcher who re-defined his image in my eyes. At one point I never thought that we would miss Fletcher for a game as big as the one on Wednesday but I have to admit, he will be missed! He is the reason as to why the games against Inter and Arsenal looked easy. An honourable mention goes to John O'Shea who even though has been found wanting at times this season has been the foundation of our ambitions this season. He is one of the few players who have played almost every vital game for United this season and yet most of the time, he has had to fill in for injured players in all sorts of positions. To show how much I have grown as far as faith in the lad is concerned, I would recommend that he starts in our big game on Wednesday. John is a mixture of strength and experience in our defence so why not him!

Then there is the issue of Tevez. If Ronaldo gave us what to think and write about last summer, I can bet that Tevez will give us just that this summer. The press have already made a big deal of a story that should sell for them in the summer.
For now, though, United need to focus on the big final as it's the only thing that really should matter.