And you say you have no wallpaper....

So it was a cautious match and in the end we had to settle for a rare goalless draw at OT. We still have a game spare and yet we have already reached the maximum number of pints we got last season. Add to that the fact that we have dropped two more points at home than we did last last season and you get the feeling that we have actually done better on away games this term! It's quite a good statistic that only Fulham beat us among the teams outside the top 4! I never enjoyed dropping points to the likes of West Ham, Bolton and Man City as they are all easy prey for a team with United's quality. Rather be beaten by our direct rivals whose quality can be appreciated. The defeats to Liverpool and Arsenal were gutting but I had it in mind that there are more 'small' sides than big sides in the league so in the end we would get more points than the likes of Liverpool who beat almost all their rivals but failed miserably against weaker sides! The Premier League trophy is given to the most consistent side over 38 games and that is the only 'fact' that matters! Enjoy the gallery courtesy of the Official Website!