Belated review, but what a win for United on Saturday lunchtime! (I made sure to mention lunch time because it was our first win this season in a 12.45 kick-off. Ryan Giggs ended a perfect week in his career with an important sweetly taken goal that won him one or two more admirers as far as winning this years' PFA award is concerned. I thought Fergie would leave him out for Arsenal but good enough he played him as well as Scholes. I think this game was more important than Tuesday's fixture. I mean we are going to the Emirates a goal up whilst Boro is an annually difficult game for us. Even though we rested quite a few good men for Tuesday, it was nice to see Berba, Tevez, Rooney, Vidic and Evra on the pitch. The performance was a notch lower than what we saw on Wednesday at home but we kept the ball much better than we have been doing all season. I'd like to think that United have turned a corner here as I've been lately impressed with our defending and the ability to nullify the threat posed by the opposition. If anything, this is the perfect time for the Real United to stand up. Liverpool did win their game on Sunday--that's largely because their team would have ended it's season already if the league was played over 30 games. I reckon that they'll win all their games but the good news is that United do not even have to win all their games to win the title. A maximum of seven points from twelve will see us crowned Champions again. It's a small matter of negotiating past City and Wigan and seeing out the Arsenal game at OT without defeat. What will help us though is if we avoid the complacency that gripped us towards the end of last season. I know United hate doing things the easy way so we could well see this title race go to the last day at the last minute but for once we could appreciate it if we win this league with a few games to spare. It could help us prepare for the CL final if we get there. Speaking of doing things the hard way, United could have played Sir Alex and Phil in the team on Tuesday if we had taken all our chances against Arsenal on Tuesday. Now we have to make do with biting our finger nails to stumps!