Well some might suggest watching the rest of the Premier League fixtures but there is nothing to suggest that any of those ties will be good enough to watch as far as United's interest is concerned. Hopefully our rivals can maintain their distance from us. I was actually shocked to find out that Liverpool gets to play 2 games before we next kick a Premier League ball. That means we could visit St James' Park on Wednesday with just a point separating us from the rest of the League. It certainly is a position I'm not looking forward to.
This morning, the papers were filled with Pavulychenko's comments about Berbatov and his desire to play for United. For starters, I don't think that this lad will ever get a sniff of a chance to play for United as I think he's one of those good players but yet not good enough to play for Manchester United--end of story!
Then there is the bit about Berbatov being arrogant while at Spurs. Well Scott does justice to this topic so you might as well check out therepublikofmancunia for his thoughts.
A lot of the so called United kids have had their say as far as the tomorrow's final is concerned. Sir Alex has gone on to defend his and many manager's positions as far as rotating their squads is concerned. It's quite understandable and we at United are lucky to have a string of young players who have been to imposing stadiums before. They therefore know how to come in and get the job done. United's incredible strength in depth will be further highlighted if the team Fergie puts out tomorrow goes on to lift the Cup. It will be a reward for the youth policy that the club started about 16 years ago when the likes of Paul Scholes were selected to play in such games.
Then there is the bit about Rooney who cherishes Wembly and the Carling Cup as it was his first trophy with United. I really do wish Fergie starts him tomorrow as he can fire those kids up in case complacency gets into their heads. After missing out on the best part at the San Siro, the Englishman will have a few tanks of energy to burn.
More boring quotes also appear today about Ronaldo. He basically tells us the same old thing about God knowing the future and then being currently happy at United, etc, etc! This is one hell of a character who hopefully in 20 years time will not make the list of Wasted Talent! He seems not to be aware of what is good for him. Personally I think he can't wait for Fergie to call it quits as that would be an automatic ticket for him to jet out of the club he still calls ''Manchester'!