After spending the best part of Saturday afternoon to find a place where I could watch the game, I wasn't disappointed after all as United strolled on to another crucial victory in the incredible series that is the Barclays Premier league.
A Cristiano Ronaldo penalty in the end was enough to give us the 3 points but you'd have to admit that Michael Carrick was our Man Of The Match yesterday! His forward runs into the box gave the Everton defence a torrid evening at OT and I would think there is more from where that change of style came from. If our midfielders can get that instinct of running into the box(never mind if they will look like headless chicken), we shall be able to get the breaks we did get yesterday. Obviously, Carrick was brought down twice in the box but unfortunately, Rafa Benitez has seen to it that United are only allowed one penalty a match regardless of what the offence is.
In the end, our reliable defence is just about good enough for an Oscar award this month.
Defence has certainly become our best form of attack this season and nobody will be complaining if we win the title with plenty of 1-0 wins! What difference does it make when our rivals are drawing 1-1--as a matter of fact, we are better off as our goal difference is guaranteed an improvement in every game.
It certainly was a crucuial win for United as we can now watch one or both of our rivals drop more points this evening. It certainly is a good time to be a United fan and thank God I'm one!
Ronaldo has somewhat impressed me over the last few games as he has this drive to shoot a goal from any angle or distance. That is something I've called for from United players as it can get you priceless goals. If he keeps it up, then he will surely hit 20 goals for us this season--having said that he's already bagged 14 and there is a long way to go!