We're kind of getting used to making the journey to Wembly as Sunday marks our second visit there this season. United also played there at the start of last season and also in the 2007 FA Cup final. We could yet have two more trips there if we make the FA Cup semis and the final itself.
Surprisingly, even at this stage of the season and even after playing at the San Siro on Wednesday, United are still in the papers' columns being tipped for a record 5 trophies come the end of the season. I must say I thought that this talk of a quintuple would subside after our Italian date with Inter but it seems our performance there has only served to increase the talk. It's not that I think United cannot take all trophies because we actually can but I wish to concentrate on the realistic first.
The European Cup is still miles away as far as handing it out is concerned but there are certain Cups that are as close to us as a shadow is to an opaque object.
A case in point is the Carling Cup final on Sunday against Spurs at Wembley. Sir Alex has promised the young lads that he will play them as they are the ones that got us here. It's a move he should make with pre-caution. Yes! This is a trophy that I only wish to win when we're in the final. We've lost many Cup finals prior to this and one can only imagine what our domestic record would be like compared to that of Liverpool. It certainly is a chance to add another trophy to our cabinet while we still can. Arsenal lost this final a couple of seasons back to Chelsea because Mr. Jose Mourinho does not minimise this competition so he let all his dogs out and bagged another accolade. Last season, Spurs beat Chelsea in the final--a result that should make us more motivated in this game. Nothing should be taken for granted as Spurs are not exactly a small team with poor players. If anything, they have already matched our first team in the league this season.
I'm not sure who of our keepers other than EVDS will take part in this one. At the moment, they all seem to be learning so hopefully the one selected has a good game. I'd personally go for Foster. Given his injury problems in the past, he deserves a Cup final appearance. It will do him a lot good. It's actually rare that he's fit ahead of such a game. Usually, he's out injured and so has to watch his teammates from the stands.
Nani will start and so will Gibson. Welbeck could make the team as I expect both Rooney and Berbatov to be on the bench. Tevez is fresh enough for this one. It has to be said that it's his goals that have got us to the final in the first place. Anderson is fit so he should partner Gibson in midfield while Evans should start alongside Vidic who has had enough time to rest given his ban from the team in mid-week.
It will be a smelly shame if we fail to win this one because of all the Cup finals we could get to this season, this is likely to be the easiest.