Another weekend of League action draws near and yet again, the saying 'a week is a long time in football' is spot on.
First of all, it was quite unusual that this week, United did not have a game to play in mid-week. It's been quite a while since the club had a full week of rest to prepare for a fixture(and if superstitions are anything to go by, I'd rather we didn't!).
So after our victory on Saturday against Everton, Chelsea succumbed to Liverpool and the Dippers closed the gap back to 2 points. Paddy Crerand thinks United are better off as far from Chelsea as they can as Liverpool don't pose a threat--well I think we are better far from both of them.
We will remain top for as long as the players don't become complacent. There will be a bit of chasing too as we have to play some fixtures after Liverpool for instance this weekend.
The only worry in the team we've got is how to keep Tevez playing alongside Berbatov and the returning Rooney. It certainly is a headache for the manager.
Then in mid-week, the transfer deadline day saw Keane return to Spurs. I'm beginning to think that Berbatov actually made Keane better than he was at Spurs. More reason for us to appreciate our lead striker.
Also, Sir Alex was named United's top icon since 1992 in a poll that was run by fans. He certainly deserves the award even if it meant denying the likes of Giggs and Cantona the accolade.
EVDS has been lauded throughout the week for his record number of clean-sheets and this blog salutes him too! I certainly wish he was a couple of years younger! Let me just spare a few lines to say Happy Birthday to Tevez,25, and Ronaldo,24. Last week Berbatov turned 28. Hopefully, the players aren't in party mood come Sunday as we'll have to be at our best to pick up points from a ground that many of us do not like visiting.
I've saved the best for last. Liverpool got knocked out of the FA Cup in midweek. The Dippers now have just a couple of trophies to play for. They really proved they cannot do without their captain. Worse-still, they had to play 120 minutes--tired legs for Saturday perhaps?