Well, well, well what do you know! How hilarious things can get in the incredible series that is the English Premier League. So Rafa--the fat Spanish waiter--comes u with an A4 sheet at his press conference and rants about United and Sir Alex for 90% of his press conference. My! I actually never thought Fergie's mind games would have such an effect on rivals--Forget Keegan, that was rash--this guy must have spent the entire week working out the stats so as to assure himself that he's actually not playing mind games. To be honest, it might work for him(God forbid) as refs will now think 10 times before giving anything to United but should the Dippers collapse, that press conference video will surely do well as far as Moments of the Year are concerned.
Anyhow, United are in mega-action this weekend because our opponents in the European Cup final last season are the first of many sorry visitors to OT this second half-term.
Chelsea have this impressive away record this season but United have the most amazing home form this season. Interestingly, Sir Alex has never lost to a team managed by Scolari so that should be heart warming. On a more serious note, United need to win all their home games this season if they are to stand a chance. We have more home games than away games left so that should spur us on. If we beat all our close rivals at home, we'll definitely walk on that podium again. We might give Europe a shot but the league is bread and butter so I hope we really get going starting on Sunday.
Patrice returns after suffering the injustice of the FA and I hope he really earns his revenge against the Rent boys. Ferdinand is back so cheers to that and I think Gary will do well for this one. EVDS will start and I hope Anderson is played alongside Carrick as Scholes will be heavily tackled by Mikel Obi. Berba is back he'll replace Tevez.
Come on United!!!!!!