The week that was saw United win a training session against West Ham United on Wednesday to record another three points for themselves in the board. And then there was the talk about Fergie winding up Calderon. Apparently, the United manager is said to have said that signing Heinze was part of Real's plan to sign Ronaldo from the European Champions. Then the press goes about claiming that Fergie likened the Spanish club to Spanish dictator General Franco(which the fiery Scott has denied). And what do you know--Calderon has had it--he calls the United manager 'senile' (a cheap shot for me)!

Now, in yesterday's press conference, Sir Alex smacked it back in the face of the Real President, asserting that a lot of 'hot air' comes out of Calderon and that in the end, he is glad that Ronaldo is still a Manchester United player. Calderon better take note of the fact that he is no match for Fergie when it comes to war of words. The gaffer has been there with the best and is still the best, so unless he wants to wound up till he drops, he better shut up! Why do I get the feeling that in this season's Champions league, it's gonna be United vs Real somewhere in between--and God knows that the press are going to have a field day!
Anyhow, United get back to business this weekend. Now in any other season, I would advice Fergie to rest a few classy legs on a day when we are playing against any of the promoted sides--but not this time! Hull City is one of the 5 teams above us in the league and nobody needs a reminder as to how they've got up there! More importantly, a victory would allow us to go above them in the standings--closer to the summit! Many a times, we fans have wanted to calculate how many points we are off the summit but have had our view blocked by the Tigers! Hopefully, after today, it will be a lot easier.
United will go into the three-o'clock kick off without Wes Brown who picked an ankle injury. Gary Neville should however come in to bolster us in that department. Carrick is vying for a place in the team--and my word, we have missed him! He deserves a starting berth after showing off a few accurate passes in his cameo role on Wednesday. EVDS will return in goal while Giggs is probably fresh enough to win a staring berth after missing out completely in mid-week. And as for the forward, Fergie will have to sort out that part! I'm not risking another headache So here's to hopping for a 5-0 win!...(I WISH HUH...?)