Just when you thought that United were going to put together 10 wins, this happens: Everton 1-1 Man United! It's not the worst result we could have got from there because we could have actually been beaten but in a weekend where we get to see Chelsea and or Liverpool drop points, it should have been a win at all cost.
A masterful first half display was followed by a horrendous second half for United and a spirited fight-back from the Merseysiders.
Rio had one or two moments of madness and thankfully we did not pay for both! Our man in form, Rooney, it seemed, took the whole affair too personal as he was once a blue but it is now always a red! It has to be said, the one positive I took out of this game was Wayne's badge kissing! It showed more than anything else his commitment to the Manchester United cause--and that is a kind of player you want to see in your team.
The timing of this fixture was rather, well, unfair if you like. United are the only member of the big four who were in action yesterday. The rest get to have an extra day off to kill the CL hangover. Interestingly, this was as early a kick off as it could get--morning time in many parts of the world!
It's now a five point gap between us and the summit--that should be of no worry as we are not yet 10 games into the new league season. It however does give us plenty to do in the coming month! Cheers!