Well firstly, it was disappointing to lose a goal in te last 10 minutes of a match we could have won. For some reason, it's hard for us to keep a clean sheet for 90 minutes. I'm usually ethusiastic enough to give a match report only when we have won so let me spare you the literature and get some issues off my head.
Fergie seems to have resorted to the tried but failed 4-3-3 formation--probably in order to accommodate Berbatov. I cannot understand why because even when he had 4 strikers in '99 he stuck to the more successful and traditional 4-4-2. Having said that, alittle more ruthlessness in front of goal could help us a lot as we are leaking a lot of goals at the back. Ferdinand should have lasted the brains out of Petr Cech with his chance, Fletcher could have made more meaningful contact despite the challenge of Carvalho while Park could have had a hat-trick if he had been a little bit quicker in decision making.
We picked up 7 yellows during the game, hence incur an FA fine but what bothers me is that was Rio sent off towards the end or.....Did he just walk off pitch in protest? Until I find out, I'll not be able to comment entirely about the latest installment of the so called 'Greatest game on earth'.