Amidst the Berbatov saga, yours truly was among the many that did not take note of the appointment of Mike Phelan as the second most powerful man in Manchester United's on-pitch affairs. This should have surprised many as popular understanding was that Fergie would go for a travelled/foreign assistant in the mould of Carlos Queiroz. The gaffer has decided to go for one who is already on terms with the system at Old Trafford as Phelan was first team coach since 2001. Whilst I'm not all that moved by the appointment, I have to admit that Fergie did well to opt for stability rather than radical change. A new assistant would take time to be accepted by the players as he might be one of radical change. On the contrary, Phelan is well informed in terms of how the Manchester United machine is run as he has been part of it--both as a player and a coach. Mid-season is never a time to have radical administrative changes at a club. Just look at Chelsea who changed managers in the middle of last season--they never recovered from it all season and resultantly ended a promising season empty handed. Ryan Gigs has come out to praise Fergie for his choice, so that should go a long way into justifying his abilities.