If there is one team in the Premiership that can start feeling sorry for themselves already, it's Portsmouth. The FA Cup holders were outclassed, out-thought and out played in the Community Shield against a weakened United team. Seven days later, they find themselves against a Chelsea team who have not lost a game at home(in the league) for 4 years. Getting whipped 4-0 on the opening day of the season will not be the end of the whole 'bad-dream for Pompey. They face Champions Manchester United next and Harry Redknapp sarcastically called it an easy game. Speaking after his side's beating at the hands of Chelsea, he had this to say
"You're not going to break into the top four, no one is.......when they pass and move, it's very difficult to stay with them. o bring in Crouch, Defoe and Diarrra, I couldn't have asked for more.At this stage, it's a case of getting on with what we've got. We'll do better than that for sure. Next Monday we've got an easy game against Man United!"
Now while it's obvious that the Pompey manager is desperately seeing for sympathisers, United themselves are in desperate need for some salvation. After adding Giggs and Carrick to our already bulky injury -list, one can't help but wonder what the press will make of another draw next week. We managed to beat Pompey with a not so strong team in pre-season so all should be well----well, not quite. Every manager knows that if there is a time to beat Manchester United, it's now-when they are depleted in terms of personnel. The good news though is that Tevez and Hargreaves will be fit for this fixture, but it looks as though we might start this season in similar fashion to the last--but nobody will be complaining if we end it in the same fashion.