Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Manchester United's Serbian defender Nemaja Vidic has targeted a perfect start to the new league season. The 'give it all' defender has become a fans favourite because of his bravery and his sacrifice. Last season alone, Vidic broke his nose about four times-losing about a litre of blood for the sake of the team. He was also knocked out in a battle against Didier Drogba in the league fixture at Stamford Bridge. He has formed a brick-wall of a defence alongside Rio-letting in no more than 22 goals in the league last season. The Serb however does not want a repeat of last of last season whereby United dropped points in each of their first three games.
We're ready because in each pre-season game, we have looked sharper and quicker.We hope to do better than last season and get three points with our first game. We want to play well and win trophies. Hopefully, we'll win more than one..."
Now that's hunger for you. I, and probably you, have already heard from Carrick, Rio, Rooney, Neville, Giggs, Edwin, Evra and now Vida. You do not need to be told that Fergie has had these players fired up for another charge towards invincibility. The reason as to why Manchester United have been so successful for the past 2 decades is because they never rest on their laurels. Sky Sports pundit and commentator Martyn Tyler had this to say when United clinched their 10th league title in 16 Premiership campaigns

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  1. Philosophers, rulers, leaders, kings and presidents have spoken; what do we find common in all their talk? The strength of a team. Nothing can beat teamwork, if the united team comes together and work as much as their mouths talk then nothing can stop united. Have you ever wondered why swans move in a v shape, or did you think it was just meant to be that way; A great coach once said,"The strength of the team is each individual member...the strength of each member is the team." so put together United's icons and lets c which TDH can stop them.A word to Vidic,"You get the best out of others when you give the best." Live to your word ma man and we shall surely carry the trophies at the end of the day


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