The Kings of Europe will for the first time since Moscow, have a parade to with the fans in celebration of the defence of the Barclays Premiership title and the return of The Giant Cup-The UEFA Champions League title. United were denied the chance to have an open-bus celebration in May because of the violence imported by Rangers' fans at the UEFA Cup final. However, after a summer that has been marred by a certain selfish Cristiano Ronaldo, the fans will get an opportunity to finally reflect on what was one of the most successful seasons in the club's history. Personally I feel this will motivate our players to defend their crowns as we are having this quite close to the start of the season. I have already gone at lengths to point out that last season's achievements were somewhat under-estimated but maybe this will finally remind the world at large that United had a glorious season 2007/2008 and it will be quite an achievement if we can match that in the near future. Don't get me wrong here because I believe we can defend both crowns but the demands that come with the modern-game have made it a lot more difficult to win tiles(even the Carling Cup). It's why Real Madrid and Liverpool could defend the European Cup at will in the past but the stats show that no team has ever defended the Champions League!