Today is D-Day for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who will be honoured by his fellow professionals and Manchester United fans in a Testimonial against Espanyol de Barcelona at Old Trafford. Readers of this blog might remember an article I posted about his favourite moment in football. Well what do you know, he rates the Newcastle game at OT IN THE 06/07 season as the best because his son was at the stadium to watch him play.(so it wasn't the revenge I had thought about.) So, n a day that Sir Alex's comments about loyalty in football will appear in the press, Ole will have a 20-minute cameo in a game that ultimately celebrates his loyalty to the club Manchester United.
That aside, yesterday the FIFA President Sepp-tic Blatter came out to dismiss any comments attributed to him about calling Ronaldo a slave. What a #@%! I mean who does he think he's fooling? Then there is that story in the papers about Wayne Rooney spitting at a photographer. Serves the victim right, after posting my thoughts on the irresponsible press, I have no kind words for journalists who even want to report what takes place in the bathroom of a footballer. Other than that, other than that, HAPPY TESTIMONIAL OLE....and I almost forgot, Ole says he liked wearing the no 20 shirt because it meant he was twice as good as Maraddona, Ziko, Pele,...all who wore 10. TWENTY IS TWICE AS GOOD AS TEN. wouldn't you just know it?